CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi® SoC

The CC3200 is a single-chip microcontroller unit (MCU) with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Created for the Internet of Things (IoT), it integrates a high-performance ARM Cortex-M4 MCU, allowing he development of an entire application with a single IC.

Software development environment with Eclipse & GCC

As usual the IDE of choice for all my embedded software development is Eclipse.  It is completely free and have a lot of support for many processors.  First thing first,  follow my Eclipse page to setup the Eclipse IDE and plugins for ARM based development.  Next step is to clone the EHAL source tree.   This can be done using git command line tools or use SourceTree from this site  github :

Once the source tree is cloned.  We need to get the TI CC3200 SDK from   Put the SDK in the cc3200_sdk folder in the CC3200 Eclipse workspace.  The  development source tree should look like this :

/your_root     - Development root directory
 |-- include     - Generic include common to all platform
 |-- src            - Generic source common to all platform
 |-- ARM
 |   |-- include    - Common include for all ARM platform
 |   |-- src           - Common source for all ARM platform
 |   |-- CMSIS    - ARM CMSIS SDK for all ARM platform. Download it from ARM
 |   |   |-- CMSIS
 |   |   |-- CMSIS RTX
 |   |-- TI
 |   |   |-- CC3200 - CC3200 processor workspace
 |   |   |   |-- CMSIS   - static library of CMSIS system functions for CC3200
 |   |   |   |-- EHAL    - Embedded Hardware Abstraction Library project for CC3200
 |   |   |   |   |-- include
 |   |   |   |   |-- src
 |   |   |   |-- cc3200-sdkc - TI cc3200 SDK
 |   |   |   |-- exemples - example projects are in here

We now have a Blinky example working.  The CC3200 and it's SDK is very complex to work with.  This is slow progress as I am busy other things.  I'll keep updating as much I can.

Creating Eclipse project

To create a new CC3200 project with Eclipse, select New from the File menu then select either you want C or C++ project.  In the dialog, select the project type 'Hello World ARM ..." with toolchains 'Cross ARM GCC'.

Once the new project is created. Open project settings dialog.  Change the target processor to Cortex-M4.

OpenOCD debug settings

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